Eileen Vargas, the Martin County District 1 County Commission Candidate from Jensen Beach, has significantly impacted the political scene. Her swift qualification for the August 20 Primary ballot, a feat accomplished in record time, is a testament to her exceptional dedication. The validation of nearly 1,200 signatures from registered voters across the County in less than 20 days further underscores her unwavering commitment to the campaign.

Vargas remarked, "It certainly wasn't by spending thousands of dollars to mass mail petitions with postage-paid return envelopes. I owe it all to the scores of volunteers who responded to our campaign's platform of positive change. This clearly indicates the devotion of County voters who believe change is long overdue. The hundreds of voters I have spoken with want transparency, consistency, and integrity in managing our development. We must follow the Comprehensive Plan and make development pay for itself. Here in Martin County, I see too many of the short-sighted decisions I witnessed while involved in real estate in South Florida. The County Government's role is to provide a level playing field where excellent businesses can compete and thrive, not to pick the winners."

Eileen Vargas, candidate for the Martin County District 1 County Commission, has taken swift action in response to the last-minute closure of her primary by a write-in candidate. She has called upon all Republican candidates for the upcoming August 20 primary to denounce this attack on election integrity. Vargas believes this last-minute filing has unfairly disenfranchised nearly half of the county's voters. She is committed to standing up for the rights of all voters and ensuring that the election process is fair and transparent.

Vargas then went on to specifically link her opponent to this write-in candidate. “It appears I have been unfair in referring to Doug as a one-trick pony with his consistent give-always-to-development interests. The record clearly shows he is also adept at motivating elitist forces who seek to restrict our electorate for local offices. I challenge Commissioner Smith to condemn this legal but manipulative tactic. It has effectively stripped over 47% of our County of their right to vote and attacks the very foundations of our democratic process.”

Vargas stressed the importance of Republican candidates working together as a team and being mindful of how their actions could impact other Republicans running in competitive races in November. She pointed to the 2012 primary race in District 1 as an example, where a write-in candidate associated with Doug Smith filed, ultimately leading to Smith winning with only 44 percent of the vote and subsequently affecting other GOP candidate's narrow losses. Vargas urged candidates to avoid selfish stunts that marginalize voters and harm the chances of their fellow Republicans. Cooperation and consideration for the party's overall success are crucial in ensuring a strong showing in the upcoming elections.